Konstytucja Harcerstwa w Szkocji

 Polish Scouting Association - Scotland




1. Name     


The name of the Group shall be  “Polish Scouting Association - Scotland”, hereafter referred to as the “Group”.


2. Aims & Objects


The group’s objects are: The relief of the needs of children and young people of Polish and other extraction and the advancement of equality and diversity and in furtherance of this by;

  1.                  Making available to children and young people opportunities to take part in scouting and public service activities

  2.                Promoting in young people a sense of purpose and contribution to the civic life of Scotland.


3. Membership


Membership shall be open to all members of the community  who share the aims of the Group.


4. Management Committee


A committee comprising not less than four or more than twelve members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.


A Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected at the first meeting of the committee following the Annual General Meeting.


Not less than three committee members shall form a quorum.


The committee shall determine the frequency of committee meetings.


The Committee shall determine the level of subscriptions and other fees payable by members.


5. Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting shall be held in each calendar  year at which the committee will report on the preceding year’s work, present the accounts and appoint auditors or examiners.


10% of all members will form a quorum for the Annual General Meeting.


The Annual General Meeting shall elect the new committee, vote on recommendations and any amendments to the constitution.


Nominations for the committee shall be received by the Secretary no later than the day of the AGM.


Motions for the Annual General Meeting shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary no later than fourteen days before the AGM.


Any such motions shall be intimated to members.


Amendments to such motions must be submitted in writing to the Secretary no less than seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting.


Each member shall have one vote.


The Chairperson shall have the casting vote.


Any changes to the constitution must be approved by two thirds of the membership, present and voting.


A minute of the previous  Annual General Meeting and of each committee meeting shall be prepared and be available for inspection by any member at the Annual General Meeting.


6. Finance


The Treasurer will open a bank account in the name of the Group. The account will have three signatories nominated by the committee and cheques may be signed by two of these signatories.


The Treasurer shall keep accounts and present them annually at the Annual General Meeting for inspection.


All monies received shall be devoted to the aims of the Group.


7. Dissolution


Dissolution of the Group will take place only at a Special General Meeting and only if agreed by 75% of the membership, present or not.


Funds and possessions shall be dispersed only to organisations sharing similar aims to the Group or to a local charity, according to the wishes of the meeting.


8. Adoption


This constitution was adopted by the Group on:   Date: 6/06/2016

Signed by Chairperson Krzysztof Orchowski


Minutes of Meeting 29th November 2016


1.     Presentation of the structure to the Adult Members of Association

2.     Adoption of the Constitution:


For: 10

Against: 0


3.     Elections to the position of:

-        Treasurer - Malwina Maciąga

-        Chairman - Krzysztof Orchowski

-        Secretary